Former Lab Members

Dr Jack Tatler

PhD Thesis: Integrated analysis of the movement and ecology of wild dingoes in the arid zone (2019).

Dr Sarah Heinrich

PhD Thesis: A quantitative assessment of the gobal trade in Pangolin species from Asia and Africa (2019).

Dr Amy Iannella

PhD Thesis: Co'evolution of Rabbits and the Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV) in Australia (2019).

Dr Pablo García-Díaz

PhD Thesis: Alien vertebrate risk assessment and invasion pathway modelling (2017).

Dr Antonia Dalziel

PhD Thesis: The persistence of avian influenza in the South Australian environment and the potential role of invasive mammals for additional surveillance (2017).

Dr Adam Cardilini

PhD Thesis: Determining genetic and phenotypic variation of a successful invasive species within Australia, the common starling, Sturnus vulgaris (2016).

Dr Pieter Arnold

PhD Thesis: What makes a good invader? The evolution of physiological and behavioural traits benefiting dispersal at the invasion front (2016).

Dr Su Shan

PhD Thesis: Prayer Animal Releases in Taiwan: an analysis of an Eastern pathway to biological invasions (2015).

Dr Ellie Dyer

PhD Thesis: A global study of the richness, spread and impacts of exotic birds (2015).

Rachel Su Yi McLean

Masters Thesis: Optimal wildlife smuggling interdiction (2019).

Abilash Sivadasan

Honours Thesis: Pathways and dynamics of the Australian CITES wildlife seizures data from the last 16 years (2019).

Anna Rogers

Honours Thesis: Optimising audio lures and inducing grooming behaviour through flavoured gells to improve the Felixer Grooming traps for foxes (2019).

Katie Hill

Honours Thesis: Development of a forensic method for early detection of a highly invasive pet species: Trachemys scripta elegans (2018).

Aurelie Kanishka

Honours Thesis: What makes a dingo? Investigating the variation in dingo skeletal morphology (2018).

Adam Toomes

Honours Thesis: True absences or imperfect detection? Estimating abundance of a threatened social lizard in South Australia (2017).

Mark Laws

Honours Thesis: Poison baiting control of foxes in South Australia: modelling factors that influence bait uptake (2017).

Ellen Freeman

Honours Thesis: Diet of wild deer in South Australia (2017).

Jacob Maher

Honours Thesis: Conservation value of zoos in regards to the representation and management of species in ex-situ collections through time (2017).

Freyja Watters

Honours Thesis: The impacts and management of an overabundant koala population on Kangaroo Island, South Australia (2015).

Melanie Crossley

Honours Thesis: The efficacy of wild-dog control in the South Australian pastoral arid lands (2015).

Calum Cunningham

Honours Thesis: Home range, habitat suitability and population modelling of feral Indian peafowl (Pavo cristatus) on Kangaroo Island, South Australia (2013).

Arlette Srour

Honours Thesis: The risk of Toxoplasma Gondii in terrestrial wildlife on Kangaroo Island, South Australia (2013).

Dr Robert Cope

Robert was an ARC Discovery Project Post-doctoral Research Associate working on 'Transport risk pathways for emerging invasive species'.

Dr Miquel Vall-llosera Camps

Miquel was an Invasive Animals CRC Post-doctoral Research Fellow working on vertebrate risk analyses and invasion pathway modellling.

Dr Thomas Prowse

Thomas was an ARC Discovery Post-doctoral Research Associate working on meta-modelling of ecological, evolutionary and climatic systems dynamics.

Dr Nina Schwensow

Nina was an ARC Early Career fellow working on molecular genetic adaptive processes in natural co-evolution between rabbits and the rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus.

Dr Stephen Gregory

Stephen was an Invasive Animals CRC postdoc working on success of eradication programs for vertebrate pest species on islands around Australia.

Nadia Meakin

Nadia was an Administration Support Officer assisting with managing the activities and communication for the Centre for Applied Conservation Science. She also provided general lab administration and teaching support.

Sally Scrivens

Sally was a Research Assistant working on developing knowledge and tools to inform integrated management of the Spencer Gulf.

Elizabeth Smee

Liz was a Research Assistant working on vertebrate risk analyses and invasion pathway modellling.